Saturday 20 Jan 2018

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First Time Home Buyer Grants

Are you thinking of buying your first home in Georgia? Would you like a free gift of money to help you purchase that first home? If you answered yes to these two questions, there is great news for you. The state of Georgia provides free money for its residents who are first time home buyers and need help with the down payment and closing costs. This money comes in the form of state grants. This is free money that shouldn't be passed up! The grant awards can be in the thousands of dollars. It will be well worth your time to educate yourself about the first time home buyer grant programs that the State of Georgia provides.

Georgia First Time Home Buyer Grants

The agency in Georgia that provides assistance to first time home buyers is The Georgia Department of Community Affairs. There is just one first time home buyer grant available, depending upon your income. The program is the Georgia Dream Homeownership Program. To find out the specific requirements, please visit the Georgia Department of Community Affairs website page specifically describing this beneficial grant program.

Writing the Perfect Grant Application

It is important to be able to write the grant application in your own words but I know how difficult getting started can be. If you find yourself having trouble or need a push to get started I can provide you with an example format. I will also be more than happy to review your application prior to you submitting it.

Federal First Time Home Buyer Grants

Besides the state programs, there are federal funds and grants available to first time home buyers in Georgia through the Homes and Communities program of the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. On their website you'll find complete grant information, application forms, description of available funds, as well as many other helpful tools.

Every potential first time home buyer should investigate what they have to offer. You can visit the website by going here: US Dept. of Housing and Urban Development. Also, there is a website that has a complete list of all grant programs available through the United States Federal Government: First time home buyers should plan to spend the required time investigating to determine how many individual grants they may qualify for. You can visit the website by going to

Other First Time Home Buyer Grants 

·         Atlanta Consumer Mortgage Counseling Service Down Payment Assistance Program Grant (DPAP) (770) 455-1770

·         Charlton County Community Home Investment Program (CHIP) Down payment and Closing Cost Assistance (912) 496-2549

·         Clarke County Housing & Economic Leadership Partners Inc Direct Homeownership Assistance Program (706) 549-5200

·         Georgia Housing Yes Inc Helping Hands Program (GIFT) (678) 937-0432

·         Hall County Down Payment Assistance Program (DPAP) (770) 297-1800

·         Multi Counties United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta IDA Program (IDA) (404) 527-3549

·         Savannah Dream Maker 1 - City Wide (DM1) (912) 651-6926

·         Savannah Dream Maker 2 - Target Neighborhood (DM2) (912) 651-6926

·         Savannah Dream Maker 3 - Infill Housing Neighborhood Street and Block Revitalization Projects (DM3) (912) 651-6926


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